United we stand, yet divided we fall. Together, we can stand tall.

Another nice colourful anti food waste meal. A second workshop was given at the square, which was attended by more than twenty R A T S.

Share! Care! Work together!

If you like to volunteer in the kitchen, serving food or doing the dishes. Or maybe you like to participate in the dumpsterdiving? More volunteers are needed, especially for the upcoming summertime. Ask a R A T at the square.

           every Sunday evening from 5 till 7 pm
       Pijnackerplein Rotterdam ‘t Oude Noorden

Solidarity with R A T S in Colombia

Another evening at the square. This time most of the food was cooked by Dexter. In total we could offer eight different dishes!

Special attention was given to the current situation in Colombia, where several protesters were shot dead by the police. A call for action at the embassy was done by two Colombians with a short speech.

every Sunday evening from 5 till 7 pm
Pijnackerplein Rotterdam ‘t Oude Noorden

R A T S on bikes


Have you ever visited the DIY bikeworkshop? It’s a place where you can fix your bike and get help with that. It exists for more than a decade now.

You can find the workshop and the volunteers at Schout Heynricstraat Park nearby Banierstraat and Agniesebuurt Rotterdam North.



 impressions special workshop day 2-5-2021

 new volunteers are welcome!!

both beginner AND advanced


Anarchy! Anarchy! Check Polcompball Wiki for which you like the most!

The food was good last Sunday! The give-away-food collected by several dumpsterdivers was presented at a table.

For a funny website with information about the different aspects of Anarchism, click: https://polcompball.fandom.com/wiki/Anarchism

every Sunday evening from 5 till 7 pm
Pijnackerplein Rotterdam ‘t Oude Noorden

Reflection Tables from THE BARRICADE

Report from the Reflection Table on People’s Kitchens during COVID

Here you can read the ideas while reflecting on the functioning of the collective kitchens that are in the Netherlands. What were the struggles while organizing during Covid-19, how to distribute food with the new measures, while interacting with people on the street, how to not be seen as charity but also as a try to connect people and create a community through the collective eating and food distribution. 

Feel free to tell us your opinion and be sure to visit those dinners. You can find all the contact links below together with the link to the article itself 🙂

Stay safe, stay active!


Joe’s Garage (Amsterdam) – https://joesgarage.nl/
Taste Before You Waste Utrecht –  https://tbywutrecht.wordpress.com/
RATS (Rotterdam) – https://rotterdamserats.blackblogs.org/
Redistributie (Den Haag) – https://www.facebook.com/Redistributie-Den-Haag-114378917080802
The Barricade (Utrecht) – https://thebarricade.noblogs.org

RATS: Anti Waste Dinner @ Pijnackerplein, Rotterdam Noord

Feel free to join our dinners in Pijnackerplein every Sunday from 17.00 to 18.00


We moved location and now we are cooking and serving food in the North of Rotterdam every Sunday. The food comes from dumpsterdiving in the city center every Saturday.

Our goal is to continue to self organize, fight for our autonomy and connect between us but also with the neighborhood in order to form more direct social relationships that are not authoritarian or manipulative but strive for trust and the later forming of a network in our city that is based on self-organization, autonomy, and freedom. 

Yes, we are political in the sense that we fight oppression, we do not welcome racism, sexism, xenophobia, and behaviors that are offensive towards any choice of gender and sexual orientation.

Yes, we cook vegan! We do so because we very much believe in the liberation not only of the human species but also of non-human beings and because capitalism and industries profit from this superiority of human nature by exercising its power on animals. Moreover, they continue the circle of exploitation of labor and therefore, people. 

Finally, we keep safety measures for Corona, meaning you and your masks are welcome, we try to keep 1.5m from each other and we bring our own equipment for eating aka cutlery and tupperware. 

We hope to see you soon and until then, keep safe and keep fighting!